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Услуги технического заказчика в СПб
Technical Customer

Lenmontag company provides the services of a Technical Customer in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region and other regions of the Russian Federation. We have a wide staff of true professionals in various areas of construction activities.

Technical customer features

The technical customer acts as a key partner of the developer company, providing integrated management of all stages of construction and conducting organizational and coordinating activities on behalf of the developer.

The competence of the technical developer includes:

  • engineering surveys;
  • preparation of project documentation;
  • approval of project documentation;
  • obtaining building permits;
  • obtaining permission to commission the facility;
  • conclusion on behalf of the builder of a contract for construction and installation works for construction (reconstruction, major repairs).

According to the urban planning code of the Russian Federation: “The functions of a technical customer can only be performed by a member of a self-regulatory organization in the field of engineering surveys, architectural and construction design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul, demolition of capital construction objects.”The developer, who assumes the functions of a technical customer, which is legally permitted, has similar requirements. Therefore, the company must have a membership in three SROs(Self-regulatory organization), otherwise it will not be able to directly conclude contracts for the implementation of surveys and design, as well as to attract a general contractor.

Our advantages

The following factors positively influence our quality work as a technical customer:

  • own professional staff;
  • all necessary SRO tolerances;
  • tremendous experience;
  • the ability to combine with the functions of the general contractor;
  • use of advanced technologies at all stages;
  • pricing flexibility.

Our company has all the necessary SRO approvals (for design, surveys and construction) and is ready for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.Note that we really have a complete set of diverse specialists, higher-level professional engineers, which allows us to carry out an impressive part of the work without involving third-party executing companies, thereby reducing costs. However, the accumulated experience in the implementation of construction projects helps us, if necessary, to select a reliable and positively proven contractor in an extremely short time. Given all our capabilities, we are ready to act both as a technical customer and to perform the role of general contractor .

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Генеральный подряд при строительстве зданий
General contractor

Partnership with a general contractor in construction project provides the customer with guarantees of reliability and quality. Design phase, construction works, coordination and interaction between these stages require skilled and flawless organization management.

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Монтажные работы
Montage and installation works

Lenmontag Montage Department provides services for the assembly and on-site installation of metal structures and prepares such structures for further construction works. Our experts are involved in many regions of Russia, providing transportation of heavy metal structures and organization of installation works at the place of execution.

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Общестроительные работы
Construction works

Lenmontag Civil Works Department performs full range of general construction works in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region and other regions of Russia. On our own, we perform groundworks and soil removing, foundation installation, monolithic works, emplace enclosing structures, do waterproofing, insulation, roofing and much more.

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Steel frames production

Lenmontag Steelworks manufactures construction steel elements, building frameworks and bridge span metal structures weighing up to 100 tons and up to 36 meters long. The production capacity of our plant is 36 to 40 thousand tons of structures per year. A flexible production system and continuous improvements allow us to make both single and serial steel structures in the shortest possible timing.

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Монтаж инженерных сетей
Utilities and engineering

Lenmontag company is engaged in the installation of utilities and supply lines in residential, industrial and commercial buildings in St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region and other regions of Russia. Specialists of our Engineering Department have more than 25 years of experience in this area. We strictly emphasise modern materials and newly-discovered practices in the field. Engineering works are carried out in compliance with all applicable building codes and regulations.

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Проектирование зданий и сооружений
Design and project development

Lenmontag Project is a special design and project department of Lenmontag Holding. It performs the development, revisiting and preparationof design phase, project and construction documentation for industrial, civil and private facilities. We specialize in integrated design of buildings and structures of any complexity and various functional purposes.

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Dust suppression

Lenmontag Group is a production partner of the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), provides dust suppression services using industrial highly efficient ecological dust suppression systems developed within the framework of a joint scientific and educational center.
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Together with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University, we have developed and launched into production highly efficient environmental protection systems and construction technologies that provide a minimum load on the ecology of the construction area and industrial production.

Dust suppression guarantees clean air.

What we offer

The range of services provided by our company includes:

Integrated dedusting of offshore coal terminals

For marine coal terminals, dust suppression cannons and fog nozzle systems are used to effectively dedust the following components:

  • open warehouses for bulk cargo;
  • stacker reclaimers;
  • transfer stations;
  • ship loading machines.

For each of the above nodes, well-grounded solutions are developed using the best and available technologies (“dry fog”, “wet fog” and other methods according to the BAT Guide, 2019) with full automation of the process of controlling the operation of dust suppression systems according to the principle of “optimal climate”.
Equipment supplies are provided on a turnkey basis from the development of working documentation to service maintenance.
– when using our systems, a decrease in the level of dust content up to 90% was noted
– according to the report of JSC “Scientific Research Institute for Atmospheric Air Protection”
even in precipitation conditions (the surface of the material being loaded is wet), a decrease in dust content is noted. A significant decrease in the content of suspended dust particles was recorded at
80% (from 1116.0 to 224.0 mg / dm3),

Complex dedusting “DRY FOG”

Dry fog systems provide the most efficient form of dust suppression available on the market and have been recognized as the best technology for dust suppression in coal preparation plants, dedusting of various grades of coal, mining, crushing, beneficiation and transportation, as well as mining and metallurgical plants. Our low water flow fine atomization systems create “dry fog” with droplets of 1-10 microns that easily agglomerate (bind) dust particles down to 10 microns. “Dry fog” increases the weight of dust particles with a minimum of moisture, so particles in the air settle (return) back into the rock without significant moisture in the product.

We offer reliable, low-maintenance and low-maintenance UDS “dry fog” dust suppression systems that are specially designed and engineered to meet the high performance requirements of our customers to prevent dusting without dampening the material.
Advantages of “dry fog”: The reduction efficiency of suspended dust particles of 10 microns and 2.5 microns is close to 99%. Humidification of the product less than 0.023% moisture by volume.

Our company’s “dry fog” systems allow meeting the requirements for environmental and sanitary safety, fire and explosion safety, as well as qualitatively increasing productivity, profitability, safety and health of employees for production requirements.

We use modern technologies, including:

  • irrigation technologies BAT B-2 * “to prevent dusting”
  • irrigation technologies BAT B-3 * “for absorbing and settling dust” = dry fog, wet fog
  • optimum climate technology

Our capabilities

  • Development of technical design and working documentation (including calculation of efficiency)
  • Full automation of control based on a local meteorological station and implementation in the APCS
  • Automatic control of dust content in the air in the working area / at the border of the SPZ
  • Control of throw range (50, 100, 150 m) and injection flow density (60, 120, 180 psi)
  • Installation, installation supervision, construction and installation work, commissioning, commissioning
  • Monitoring efficiency and interaction with sanitary epidemiological authorities
  • The range of services of the Laboratory for Chemical Analysis of Natural Environments of the Russian State Medical University is used:
      • analysis of water, soil, soil and bottom sediments for industry and construction;
      • environmental support for the implementation of projects for the construction of structures on land, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and the sea shelf;
      • monitoring of the state of the environment and ecology.
  • Warranty repair
  • Service 24/7

Why they trust us

For 30 years of successful work – Lenmontag Group has gained successful experience in performing work on especially hazardous,

technically complex and unique construction projects, including those in the Far North.

Lenmontag Group, as a production partner, together with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU), within the framework of the scientific and educational center, have developed and launched into production highly effective environmental protection systems and construction technologies that provide a minimum load on the ecology of the construction area and industrial production.

Wide geography and many years of experience in various climatic conditions of Russia allow us to develop and implement the most effective and reliable solutions to dusting problems both at positive and negative ambient temperatures, guaranteeing high efficiency of the equipment.

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Lenmontag Holding performs different kinds of general construction works, starting from the foundation and ending with the roof of your building.  Our sanitary and electrical Departments ensure the saturation with engineering utilities. The interior works are performed by qualified specialists of Finishing Works Department. We are proud to present you with our metal structures service line, providing high speed of construction, inexhaustible possibilities of constructive solutions and the beauty of industrial design.