Montage and installation works

Монтажные работы

Lenmontag Montage Department provides services for the assembly and on-site installation of metal structures and prepares such structures for further construction works. Our experts are involved in many regions of Russia, providing transportation of heavy metal structures and organization of installation works at the place of execution.

We are rightfully proud with the fact that we are able to deal with metal structures of any complexity, of any types and purposes: from the frames of industrial and warehouse buildings to elements of oil refinery terminals and nuclear power plants.

Our Advantages

In our portfolio there are industrial projects in the metallurgical, chemical, railcar, oil and gas industries. We provide servises both in private and public sectors, constructing the bearing frameworks of business and consumer buildings (hypermarkets, exhibition centers, etc.).

Types of metal structures

We are engaged in the installation of metal structures of any complexity and type.

The most common steel structures at the moment are:

  • metal beam (I-beam);
  • metal farm;
  • metal column.

Additional Types of Works

In addition to the delivery and installation of metal structures as is, we have many times organized different kinds of relevant construction works. We are ready to offer installation of sandwich panels, profiled sheets, siding, roofing, windows, doors, rooflights, gates, etc. We instal metal structures in line with provided project blueprints of Russian KM (Metal Structures) and KMD (Detailed Metal Drawings) phases. In lack of any, Lenmontag engineers are ready to plan and calculate the scope of works, develop blueprints and design project phases in KM, KMD and other stages. Judging on our experience, this combination of capabilities of the construction group and the manufacturing plant provides better operational result of any construction and installation works.