For subcontractors

Over the years, our company has built an impressive base of reliable suppliers and subcontractors to support us in our construction projects. When choosing a new subcontractor or supplier, we use a streamlined evaluation system that allows us to minimize our construction risks.

Lenmontag Group conducts pre-qualification selection of subcontractors for all kinds of construction works, suppliers of equipment and materials for the further parthership throughout the Russian Federation.


Step 1. Apply

Fill in the application form, attach necessary files (see the list of documents), then send the application form and scanned copies of the documents for

Step 2. Due dilligence

Your application is reviewed by our Legal, Financial and Security Departments. We check our subcontractors and suppliers for a dozen of parameters, including: experience, resources, financial condition and feedback from your previous customers.

Step 3. Accreditation

If the qualification process was successful, you become an accredited subcontractor or supplier of Lenmontag Group.

Step 4. Join our tenders

We invite your company to participate in tenders and bids relevant to your profile in construction works or material supply.

Step 5. Contract

If the technical side of your proposal and pricing in the tender turned out to be the most optimal, we sign out a contract and unite our efforts as partners.

Step 6. Further cooperation

The better results and the higher quality you demonstrate, the greater is the chance we will invite your company to participate in following tenders. We have been cooperating with bona fide contractors for many years and always strive to provide a mutually beneficial basis here.

Send your application and papers here: