General construction and metal structures since 1991
Lenmontag Group has unique experience in construction projects for heavy machinery, chemical and mining, and other branches of industry

About us

Lenmontag, a Limited Liability Company was established in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the year 1991. Today, Lenmontag Group stands as one of the largest heavy industry company in St. Petersburg and well known in the North-Western region of Russia as a construction, production and engineering firm.

  • 30
    years of service
    30 years of service
    Lenmontag Group was established in St. Petersburg, Russia, in year 1991
  • 126
    accomplished projects
    126 accomplished projects
    We have accomplished more than 120 construction projects during our history
  • 16
    regions of Russia
    16 regions of Russia
    We provide construction services not only in our home North-Western Region, but across entire Russian Federation
  • 2000
    2000 employees
    Our company enjoys partnership with more than 2000 construction professionals
Lenmontag History
  • 353 640
    tons of steel structures
    353 640 tons of steel structures
    Lenmontag Steelworks provides its clients with building and bridge structural metal components
  • 4
    industrial facilities
    4 industrial facilities
    Lenmontag Group encompasses four production facilities and plants in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
  • 429
    units of machinery and equipment
    429 units of machinery and equipment
    Our holding possesses more than 40 units of heavy construction machines and trucks
  • 83
    industrial projects
    83 industrial projects
    We have successfuly performed at more than 80 industrial construction projects


Услуги технического заказчика в СПб

Technical Customer

Lenmontag company provides the services of a Technical Customer in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad ...
Генеральный подряд при строительстве зданий

General contractor

Partnership with a general contractor in construction project provides the customer with guarante...
Монтажные работы

Montage and installation works

Lenmontag Montage Department provides services for the assembly and on-site installation of metal...
Общестроительные работы

Construction works

Lenmontag Civil Works Department performs full range of general construction works in St. Petersb...

Steel frames production

Lenmontag Steelworks manufactures construction steel elements, building frameworks and bridge spa...
Монтаж инженерных сетей

Utilities and engineering

Lenmontag company is engaged in the installation of utilities and supply lines in residential, in...


30 лет Ленмонтажу
30th Anniversary — Lenmontag Group
30th Anniversary — Lenmontag Group

Dear friends and loyal employees, today our company is celebrating its 30th anniversary since its foundation.

с 8 марта 2021
Congratulations on March 8!
Congratulations on March 8!

Lenmontag Group congratulates the beautiful half of humanity on the holiday!

Dear girls and women, continue to sparkle with your unique beauty, delight with your charming smile and maintain harmony in society and family!

Your Lenmontag Group.

Футбольный коллектив ООО «Ленмонтаж» завоевал Серебряный кубок «Лиги Чемпионов Бизнеса».
The Business Champions League Silver Cup is ours!
The Business Champions League Silver Cup is ours!

The football team of Lenmontag Group won the Silver Cup of the Business Champions League.

Congratulations on your deserved trophy!

On January 13, our team won the Silver Cup of the Business Champions League at the “Ascent arena” football field. In the final match, a serious rival was defeated – Fertoing, the meeting ended with a score of 4:2. In our team, Denis Bogomolov scored with a double, and Vladislav Bykov and Pavel Pivnev hit the opponent’s goal once.

The Business Champions League is the largest corporate sports movement in Russia.