General contractor

Генеральный подряд при строительстве зданий

Partnership with a general contractor in construction project provides the customer with guarantees of reliability and quality. Design phase, construction works, coordination and interaction between these stages require skilled and flawless organization management.

As a general contractor, we are fully responsible for the implementation of your projects. Our awareness of the circumstances and responsibility to our client is supported by planned actions and results. We do not risk at the expense of our clients, but carefully study and analyze each project, involve only reliable and proven subcontractors to the course of works. We clearly understand that only a professional individual approach to each client allows us to build a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with the customer.

Our Advantages

Lenmontag stands as a company that adheres to the hightest level of quality in construction works. Based on the most modern project management systems, Lenmontag successfully performs the functions of a general contractor in any kind of construction project.

The effectiveness of Lenmontag is proven in practice. It is confirmed by customer reviews and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Certificate. Construction works are carried out in accordance only with actual construction standards and norms.

We join forces only with the most reliable subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers. Our subcontractors are only well-established construction organizations and companies with a proven reputation. Our cooperation is based on the principles of accurate and timely fulfillment of mutual obligations.