Astros Logistics warehouse and cargo center

Client: Astros Logistics Center, JSC (Ahlers Group)
Location: Leningrad Region
Start: 2009 year
Completion: 2009 year

Lenmontag, LLC has accepted a general contract for the construction of the Astros Logistics warehouse and cargo logistics center. The latter is to be consisting of a cargo terminal, a storage area and a sector for dispatch and routing services. The contract provides us for a full range of construction and installation works, including the manufacturing of building metal structures at the Lenmontag Steelworks.


Results: a full cycle of construction and installation works has been completed on the construction of warehouse and administrative buildings. In both projects, we used metal constructions produced by Lenmontag Steelworks . In addition, the improvement of the territory, concreting of the loading and unloading zone were performed. We have completed the construction of utilities (water supply and sewage), electricity networks, low-voltage networks, ventilation, air conditioning. Interior decoration and finishing works.