Expansion and Reconstruction of the Scientific and Treatment Center

Client: The L.G. Sokolov Memorial Hospital №122
Location: St. Petersburg
Start: 04.2018
Completion: 12.2018

The following types of work were performed at the facility:


  • reinforcing existing features

  • finishing works

  • civil works

  • design and installation of internal and external power supply networks

  • design and installation of internal and external water supply and sewage networks

  • design and installation low-voltage (video surveillance, SCS, fire alarm, etc.) networks

  • laying of ventilation networks and heating

  • improvement and gardening of the adjacent territory

In the process of work, the following buildings were reconstructed and built:

  • Reconstruction of the building 13 letter “A-b”: “Outpatient department”;
  • Reconstruction of building 6 letter “U”: “Central control room”;
  • Building of building 14: “Oxygen-gasification station”;
  • Building 15: “Modular boiler room”;