Concentrating factory on Verkhotinsky Mine

Client: [confidential]
Location: Arkhangelsk Region
Start: 2012 year
Completion: 2014 year

Lenmontag industrial group was engaged as a subcontractor in the construction of a mining facility. The facility is a concentrator with a pulp pumping station at the tailings farm that is a part of the Verkhotinsky mine. It is located wihin the diamond deposit of V. Grib in the Mezen district of the Arkhangelsk region.

Results: Lenmontag Steelworks has manufactured and supplied steel structures for the industrial workshop and the supporting frame of the factory. The Civil Works Department of Lenmontag completed the installation of metal structures and reinforced concrete columns, certain other types of concreting works, as well as the installation of sandwich panels and other enclosing structures.