Producton facilities of the TVSZ plant

Client: ISM, JSC; TVSZ, JSC and others
Location: Leningrad Region
Start: 2014 year
Completion: 2019 year

Lenmontag construction company once again hired as a subcontractor for one of its biggest construction projects — the reconstruction of production facilities of Tikhvin Carriage Building Plant (TVSZ, PJSC). We are obliged to provide an assembly and construction works of all stages, engineering research, utilities and pipleine networks, project preparations, montage of different translucent structures, soil removing and territory plan for more than ten workshops of the plant.

Results: for more than five years this massive reconstruction of the plant facilities has been conducted. Lenmontage fullfulled its obligations to the general constractor and the client both in terms and volumes. We did the manufacturing and installation of metal structures for building frames, crane rails, railroads, workshop structures, transportation portals and gates of the plant. Enclosing structures and roofs were established in some shops. Windows, translucent plates, smoke hatches were installed. We carried out some of low-current and ordinary electricity networks. We installed water supply and sewage, air conditioning. We, along with our subcontractors, put in place some of the factory equipment, air blocks, portal cranes and gates. Ground works, asphalting, concreting and piling were performed. We were also involved into finishing works in administrative and production sections. This contract has become one of our key construction projects.