TVSZ Plant woodworks shop

Client: Tikhvin Freight-Car Building Plant, PJSC
Location: Leningrad Region
Start: 2012 year
Completion: 2012 year

Works are continuing at the Tikhvin Freight-Car Building Plant (TVSZ). Lenmontag received a general contract for the reconstruction of a woodworking shop building with a re-equipment of it into a cold metal warehouse and a repair-and-welding shop. Construction works in a number of other blocks at TVSZ are also set by the contract.

Results: reconstruction of a woodworks shop and a number of other buildings is performed, including a large amount of concreting and paintwork.  Lenmontag completed its job with exterior and interior decoration of industrial premises, placement of utilities, placement of external pipelines, installation of electrical networks, preparation of premises for workshops to accommodate heavy equipment.