Sredne-Nevsky Shipyards facilities

Client: SNSZ, JSC
Location: St. Petersburg
Start: 2015 year
Completion: 2018 year

In the status of general contractor, Lenmontag, LLC was involved in the reconstruction of the Sredne-Nevsky Shipbuilding Yard. The scope of the contract involved the execution of construction and assembly works in the third span of hull workshops of SNSZ, JSC (Sredne-Nevsky Sudostroitelny Zavod). The works are carried out within the framework of the project on reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production capacities of the spans third to eighth in the metal hulls shipbuilding sector of the Yards.

Results: we have carried out the works on the reconstruction of the hull workshops. We did the replacement of concrete slabs of the floor, reinforced concrete and enclosing structures, elements of some buildings’ metal frames. We reworked some networks of power supply, ventilation and water supply. Finishing works, painting of newly installed building structures were carried out too.