Dam of Rzjevsky Junction on Great Okhta River

Client: Environmental Safety Commitee of St. Petersburg
Location: St. Petersburg
Start: 2014 year
Completion: 2015 year

Lenmontag is involved in the repair of a hydraulic structure, which is an object of cultural heritage of the city of St. Petersburg. Construction works are underway at the dam of the Rzhevsky (Okhta) hydrotechnical complex on the Great Okhta River. Subject of the contract are capital repairs, restoration of concrete and reinforced concrete structures of the  complex, restoration of dam’s  passability.

Results: hydrotechnical engineering inspection of the site. Excavation works were carried out. Diversion channels were re-arranged and the infrastructure at the gates of the concrete dam was replaced. Soil structure was enhanced with reinforcement belts and reinforced concrete walls. Lenmontag successfully completed the overhaul at the facility.