Pervomayskaya thermal plant

Client: Energocentrmontag, PJSC
Location: St. Petersburg
Start: 2008 year
Completion: august 2009

Lenmontag company joined the construction works at the Pervomayskaya thermal plant in St. Petersburg. The contract had us for two multidirectional fronts of work: the manufacturing and installation of metal structures for the general contractor Metal Structures, JCS, and directly performed construction works in the boiler rooms of the facility.

Results: Lenmontag Steelworks manufactured and installed on site steel structures — load-bearing beams, trusses, building framework elements. Construction works were carried out in the boiler room premises, embedded parts were placed, wall panels were installed, preparatory works were carried out for the installation of engineering networks. The client submitted a very positive feedback on the quality of our construction works.