Federal Training Center

Client: Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation
Location: Leningrad Region
Start: 2009 year
Completion: 2010 year

Lenmontag Holding has signed a contract for the design, development of construction technology and the construction of a federal training center for winter sports. The center is located in the village of Toksovo, Leningrad Region. The feature of the object is its Alpine architectural style, combining the use of modern and traditional building materials.

Results: a project of a federal training center was developed, including a three-dimensional model, a territory redevelopment project, and preparation of design phase and construction phase and a construction works project. A construction technology has been developed that allows the architect’s intention to be realized in a combination of translucent facades, modern functionality and wooden materials. We have then completed construction and installation works of the full cycle and arranged public utilities in rural area. The object is prepared to accommodate sports infrastructure. Here Lenmontag has received a favorable feedback from its governmental client.