Orlyonok, an All-Russian Children Center

Заказчик: Construction Association, a federal legal entity
Местоположение: Krasnodar Region
Начало работ: 13-February-2014
Окончание работ: 08-December-2016

The construction works for the All-Russian Children’s Center Orlyonok in the Tuapse District of Krasnodar Region, the Novomikhaylovskoye Settlement, has been completed. The scope of works was a reconstruction of an unfinished summer amphitheater for 1500 sitting places into the building of all-season functioning.

Results: installation of metal structures, wall panels, roofing and other enclosing structures. Soil and green planting works. Carrying of electrical networks, development of water supply and other public utilities. Full cycle of finishing works for the theater building and its utility rooms.