Roll-on/roll-off Vessels Terminal of the Sea Port

Client: St. Petersburg Sea Port & First Stevedore Company
Location: St. Petersburg
Start: 2009 year
Completion: 2009 year

The design project is a warehouse terminal for unloading Roll-on/roll-off vessels (ships of the Ro-Ro type), located on the berth No. 34 of the cargo sea port of St. Petersburg. The Lenmontag Project Department signed a contract for the development of project documentation for the object, including design and construction phases, as well as the preparation of explanatory notes and other accompanying materials.

Results: The project documentation for the Ro-Ro terminal has been fully developed. An explanatory note and accompanying materials (drawings, diagrams) are provided. Construction and working phases are prepared. Consultative opinions and opinions of engineering specialists of Lenmontag regarding the construction process were transferred to the client.