Technological modernization of Mining Concern

Заказчик: Major mining concern
Местоположение: City of Monchegorsk
Начало работ: 08-November-2017
Окончание работ:

The scope of work includes several separate contracts involving works in a chemically aggressive environment. Lenmontag, LLC performs the production and installation of metal structures made of titanium, the installation of structures made of fiberglass, the installation of industrial cranes, technological lines and platforms, installation and concreting of equipment for electrical extraction of nickel and copper. In addition, technological pipelines are equipped with self-produced titanium elements, creating an acid protective environment and acid-resistant coatings.

Results: modernization and re-equipment of production sites, re-equipment of industrial workshops (including acid-resistant coatings). Modernization and almost complete replacement of a number of industrial communications with titanium elements and complex control junctions according to individual drawings.